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Ultimate Guide To Concrete Driveway Finishes

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    Welcome to our concrete driveway finishes guide, which includes the most popular design options and ideas for your home.

    Concrete driveways are appealing for numerous reasons. They are, for example, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and durable.

    They can, however, be beautiful. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about concrete driveway finishes so that your driveway stands out. On this page, you can see various types of concrete driveways.


    There are numerous concrete driveway finishes to choose from in Nelson. Homeowners can match their concrete driveway to their personal style and design scheme by selecting from a variety of finishes. These are the most popular concrete driveway finishes.

    The best concrete finish for a driveway will depend on your budget and style preferences. We have compiled a range of options for you below.

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

    A pebble finish is similar to an exposed aggregate finish. After all, exposed aggregate driveway finishes are simply the addition of an aggregate material to concrete and later exposing it.

    As a result, the concrete has a textured finish that separates it from standard smooth finish concrete driveways.

    The aggregate itself can vary depending on the look you want, but most concrete driveways are made with crushed stone, gravel, sand, and other materials. Overall, aggregate materials that are naturally occurring, man-made, or recycled can be used.

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces
    Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

    Concrete Driveway with a Broom Finish

    The name “broom-finished concrete” is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an effect created by sweeping a broom across the drying concrete.

    As a result, the surface of the concrete is not smooth and even. Instead, the broom creates textured indents in the concrete.

    This type of finish provides more than just aesthetic value. Broom-finishing concrete gives it a more slip-resistant finish.

    To maximize this effect, apply the grooves perpendicular to the typical direction of traffic on the driveway. This will generate the most opposition.

    Concrete Driveway with a Broom Finish
    Concrete Driveway with a Broom Finish

    Stained Concrete Driveway

    Many people recognize concrete by its gray appearance after it has been poured. For homeowners, this may raise the concern that, in terms of color, concrete is a bland option. This could not be further from the truth! Your concrete driveway can be almost any color you want.

    This is due to the fact that you can stain your concrete driveway. Staining concrete is a great method to get a new and interesting color, and because it isn’t just on the surface, it will last for a long time without fading or changing.

    Stained Concrete Driveway
    Stained Concrete Driveway

    Smooth Concrete Finish

    You don’t have to add a pattern to your concrete if you want to keep things simple. A smooth concrete finish is a generally neutral finish for a concrete driveway.

    This way, the concrete only has a smooth surface on top, though perfecting this design technique requires some skill.

    The only disadvantage of this finish is that it lacks the slip-resistance of a textured finish like a broom finish. Nonetheless, the end result is a clean, modern concrete driveway that will last you for years. 

    Smooth Concrete Finish Nelson
    Smooth Concrete Finish Nelson

    Stamped Concrete Surface Driveway Finish

    Stamped concrete is unique in that it is not limited to a single design. Within the category of stamped concrete driveway finishes, you actually have a lot of options.

    After all, stamping the concrete only refers to the general practice of imprinting patterns into the concrete, not the specific styles available.

    When it comes to picking a pattern, your options are nearly limitless. Common options include stamping concrete into shapes or imitating the appearance of another material, such as bricks. This, like broom finishes, can help weatherproof your driveway and make it less slippery in the rain.

    Stamped Concrete Surface Driveway Finish Nelson
    Stamped Concrete Surface Driveway Finish Nelson

    Pebbele Concrete Driveway Finish

    You can even combine other materials with concrete to create a one-of-a-kind finish. One popular method is to use a pebble finish on a concrete driveway.

    The pebbles are mixed into the concrete in this method, and they are locked into place once the concrete hardens. This has the interesting effect of adding depth to the appearance by completely changing the texture of the driveway.

    Furthermore, in this case, adding texture can help create a surface that isn’t as slick when wet. This is especially useful in a driveway that is constantly exposed to the elements.

    Pebbele Concrete Driveway Finish Nelson
    Pebbele Concrete Driveway Finish Nelson

    Rock Salt Concrete Driveway Finish

    Salt finished concrete driveways have an irregular pattern that can give the appearance of speckles. The process that goes into creating the end result inspired the name of this specific finish.

    To create a salt finish concrete driveway, rock salt is applied to the concrete with rollers after it has been placed but before it has set. This results in the one-of-a-kind finish that we discussed earlier.

    Another advantage of this finish is that it textures the concrete. This makes it yet another excellent choice for a concrete driveway that is resistant to rain. In fact, salt finishes are especially popular for slip resistance around pools.

    Rock Salt Concrete Driveway Finish Nelson
    Rock Salt Concrete Driveway Finish Nelson

    Modern Driveway Decorative Patterns

    There are numerous concrete finishes available that can be a stunning addition to your home. While we’ve focused on the most popular, there are even more options for adding a modern touch to your landscape.

    You can also go with a sandwashed concrete finish. This is similar to an exposed aggregate finish and will add subtle texture to your driveway, making it more slip-resistant. You can even try adding motifs or designs to the concrete.

    When it comes to choosing a finish for a new concrete driveway, there are a plethora of options to suit your personal style.

    Modern Driveway Decorative Patterns Nelson
    Modern Driveway Decorative Patterns Nelson

    Frequently Asked Concrete Driveway Finish Questions

    What Is The Most Popular Driveway Surface?

    The most popular driveway surface is concrete, which is the most widely used driveway material for a variety of reasons. The fact that it does not cost an arm and a leg to install is one of the most important. You also don’t have to be concerned about its durability. It’s built to last. Concrete can also be customized in terms of appearance. To change the color, texture, or richness, it can be stamped or dyed. Many people even enhance it to make it appear more expensive.

    What Is The Longest Lasting Driveway Material?

    The longest lasting driveway material is plain concrete. It’s a very tough surface that can withstand more wear and tear than other options. When properly installed and maintained, you can expect your poured concrete driveway to last 25 to 50 years.

    Concrete provides a smooth, stable, and secure foundation that is weather resistant with good traction. When exposed to the hot sun, it remains relatively cool and is not highly porous, allowing water to easily pass through. Concrete requires only an occasional pressure wash every couple of months and sealing every four or five years for maintenance.

    What Is The Best Coating For Outdoor Concrete?

    The best coating for outdoor concrete is Expoxy. Epoxy floor coatings are more durable, water-resistant, and protect surfaces from impacts and abrasions than a simple sealer. In wet conditions, an aggregate such as quartz can be broadcast over the coating as it sets to create an anti-slip surface. Not using a coating for your concrete is a bad idea, we recommend against it.

    How Often Does A Concrete Driveway Need To Be Sealed?

    We recommend sealing your concrete every 2-5 years to keep your floor in good shape and prevent cracks, pitting, and other damage. Sealing your concrete is not a difficult or expensive task. Talk to us today about concrete resurfacing.

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