Frequently Asked Questions

A typical driveway in Nelson costs between $120 and $450 per square meter on an accessible residential site. This includes labour, material delivery, laying the sub-base, pouring the concrete, and applying the finishing touches. It also includes everything from beginning to end.

The price estimate for concrete driveways will often consider the following elements:

  • How big your driveway is
  • Your driveway's slope or the area you want to have concreted
  • How much digging is necessary
  • The selection of various concrete materials (plain, coloured, stamped, stencilled, exposed aggregate)
  • Drainage preparation (so that you follow local council regulations and avoid fines)
  • The state of the installation site and the amount of preparation needed
  • Getting rid of trash and dirt (especially new homes with builders)
  • Performing the installation, which entails a fair amount of manual labor in places where machines can't reach

A few things to keep in mind regarding pricing:

If your quote is incredibly low, all prices might not have been taken into account per square meter. Low per square meter pricing may only include labour, so when the total cost is added, the price is typically much higher per square meter.

Our intention is to provide you with an inclusive price per square meter, but the exact cost cannot be determined until we arrive on site and assess the scope of the work.

You should may take into account the following aspects while selecting a dependable, trustworthy, reputable, and high-quality concreter:
  • Client testimonies, prior completed cases, and before and after images
  • Understanding of the planning and installation methods used for concrete driveways
  • Years of expertise installing driveways and pouring concrete

Unfortunately, a freshly laid concrete driveway will break with time. A skilled concrete worker will take the following actions to reduce the possibility that your driveway will crack:

  • Prepare the site properly before installing the driveway
  • Place controlled joints.
  • Possess a sturdy steel base
  • To allow concrete to expand and move, cut it into parts or attach metal reinforcement.
  • Have enough concrete that is of high quality.
  • Prior to normal traffic, allow at least one week for drying; for heavy equipment, allow 14–30 days. Aim to keep heavy equipment, tracks, and trash bins off of your concrete driveways.

The soil in which a concrete driveway is placed, local industry norms, and the frequency with which heavy vehicles use your driveways all affect the thickness of the concrete.

For typical expansive soils, the majority of contractors will lay a structural base of 7.5 to 15 cm and pour 4 to 6 inches of concrete. Try to reduce the need for heavy vehicles on your driveway whenever you can because they can seriously damage it.

Try to avoid it to reduce the risk of your new driveway cracking:

  • At least a week for typical traffic
  • At least 30 days for big trucks or equipment, and 14 to 30 days for heavy equipment
  • Because they are so hefty, moving vans and skip bins can crack a concrete driveway. When it's possible, try to keep them off of your concrete driveway

Driveways made of concrete need to be sealed to extend their useful lives. They ought to be sealed at least once every two to five years to keep them looking brand-new and to lengthen their useful lives.

Yes, as part of the council approval process, you will need to do the footpath and crossing concreting. Your concrete contractor will coordinate with the local council regarding the application for a permit, booking inspections with your local council and assist you with obtaining permits and approval from the council.

For the driveway process, there are typically 3 visits, and it takes around 1-2 weeks from beginning to end:
  • Getting the driveway ready
  • Concrete pouring sealing
  • There are additional steps for getting council approval and a site visit for council crossings and footpaths, which could add some time to the process
Therefore, it is advised that paperwork with the council be completed sooner rather than later in the process.
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