Nelson Concrete Pricing

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How much does a concrete driveway cost in Nelson?

Depending on your needs, our concrete driveway specialists can offer a variety of choices. You can get an idea of the price range by looking at the pricing and procedure below. The cost could be more if you want colored concrete that is custom. A report on engineering may be required. To assist you, we have included some rough estimates for all the costs listed below.

At the most basic level, you can anticipate paying between $135 and $175 per square meter for your new concrete driveway.

A small driveway typically measures 6 meters length by 2.5 meters broad. In Nelson, laying this modest concrete driveway would cost between $2,500 and $3,000.


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smooth concrete driveway nelson

Process and Prices for Our Concrete Driveways

Step 1) Free Consultation

In order to discuss your concrete driveway, our team will meet on your site. If your driveway only requires a repair, it can be less expensive. We will make a recommendation depending on your needs, budget, and style. A scope of work breakdown will accompany our recommendation. You will understand exactly how each cost is determined.

Step 2) Area Preparation

We start working after accepting the final quote. First, we prepare the space by ensuring that there is adequate Hardfill to serve as a sturdy base course. If necessary, we will compact the ground there to make sure we have a solid base. This will reduce the possibility of future movement and/or cracks.

Step 3) Marking The Driveway

Our team will arrive and mark the profile of your driveway. This is where we’ll pack everything up and where your new driveway will be installed.

We will install Grade 500c mesh on your driveway. The sheets range in size from 4.5 m to 2.5 m wide. We place them 65mm off the slab on a black plastic chair and overlap them by 1 run of 150mm. We make sure there is at least 65mm of protection on the exterior, away from the boxed material.

Step 4) Level Check

We use a laser level to double-check our heights after installing the mesh and boxes. This guarantees the proper fall and slopes to avoid water pooling.

Step 5) Concrete Pour

Typically beginning in the early morning, our concrete layers will pour and place the concrete. Depending on the size, drying, and curing times, pouring concrete can take anywhere between two and four hours.

Step 6) Finish and clean the driveway

We will clean up and wash the area after installing your driveway, leaving you with a stunning new concrete one.


Whats Included In The Cost Of Your Nelson Driveway?

01 – Pegs & Timber

To designate your boxing space, use pegs and loose boxing lumber. Pine pegs 600mm long and 50x50mm high. Typically, a packet of 50 pegs costs $45.00.

02 – Timber Cost

Depending on the quality of your driveway, we would use loose timber such as rough sawn pine boxing. At $8 per lineal meter, 150 x 50mm.

03 – Mesh Sheets

Depending on size, sheets of grade 500c mesh cost between $110 and $130 per. This ensures that your driveway’s foundation and structural integrity will last.

04 – Plastic Chairs

A package of 100 65mm black plastic chairs costs roughly $35. These are used to support the mesh.

05 – Concrete Cutting

After laying the driveway, pour standard 20MPA concrete, then 24 hours later, cut 3 meters of concrete. By doing this, concrete is kept from cracking. Every three meters, a professional saw cut is provided for $2.50 to prevent the concrete from splitting over time.

06 – Concrete Pour

Depending on the size of the driveway, a concrete pump truck will be scheduled. This might cost a load an extra $750-$900.

Speak to our team right away if you are considering stamped concrete as a finish.

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