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If you are in need of concrete services in the Richmond Nelson area, look no further than the best concrete contractors in the business. We have years of experience and know how to get the job done right, no matter what size or scope your project may be.

We specialize in concrete driveways & paths, but can also handle any other type of concrete service you may need. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Since 2002, Nelson Concrete has been laying and polishing concrete throughout the upper South Island, including Richmond. Nelson Concrete has a well-deserved reputation for consistently offering their sizable household and commercial clientele a highly professional degree of workmanship and service.

The majority of our work is generated through client referrals and repeat business, which validates our commitment to providing excellent service, fair pricing, and straightforward dealing practises. The Golden Bay, Marlborough, Nelson, Tasman, and West Coast regions are all easily accessible from our location in Richmond, Nelson.


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nicely done concrete driveway and patio in nelson

Professional And Affordable Concrete, Richmond

Concrete Driveways Richmond

Since 2002, we have been planning and putting up high-quality concrete driveways in Richmond. We can assist you with any of your driveway needs and can remove and replace existing driveways and parking surfaces as needed.

A strong foundation for concrete can be created by excavating and compacting base metal into the driveway area, and reinforcing mesh can extend the strength and durability of your driveway.

We offer a wide range of services, such as complete site excavation and preparation, which includes the removal of obstinate rocks and roots, as well as the building of walkways or retaining walls to support your new driveway.

Our expert team have serviced both residential and business clients, offering them high-quality parking solutions.

Lean more about our Concrete Driveways.

Richmond Concrete Paths & Patios

Decorative concrete may add style to your house or place of business! For your outdoor needs, we can assist you in creating a patio area, a pool surround, or adding concrete pathing.

To suit your concrete job tastes and requirements, Nelson Concrete Contractors can construct a variety of outdoor structures made of coloured concrete. Our team provide patios, walkways, and other features to fit any local property.

Our team provide many possibilities for dividing up the concrete’s surface, such as patterns, borders, and other elements that help your project blend in with the surrounding environment.

Richmond Concrete Slabs and Formwork

Nelson Concrete Contractors has been constructing concrete slabs for years. Whether you have a modest domestic project or a huge commercial job, our team are prepared to assist you.

For a variety of buildings, slabs are poured directly onto the ground to produce a flat, level surface. They are affordable and can be used for garages, sheds, gardens, and new homes. For a variety of buildings, slabs are poured directly onto the ground to produce a flat, level surface. They are affordable and can be utilised not just to build new homes but also to landscape gardens.

Nelson Concrete Cutting

We’re glad to offer a variety of concrete cutting and drilling services to our customers, from residential foundation cuts to decorative work and drilling on commercial or industrial sites. We are your one-stop shop for all concrete needs. We provide the highest level of expertise and support, and have built up an enviable reputation over 20 years in the Nelson region by being reliable and providing expert service that is cost effective.

We train our employees and reassess their skill levels regularly to ensure that we provide the most efficient concrete cutting and drilling on site. Our customer service is a priority, and we work hard to respond promptly to requests made by our clients.

Resurfacing of Concrete

For many years, we have been refinishing concrete. Today, let’s breathe fresh life into your concrete!

Why Choose Our Richmond Concrete Contractors?

We are committed to providing the very best cement services. We deliver cement directly to your home, and we offer repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for all types of cement applications. We have a lot of experience, so we know exactly what our customers want.

Our Richmond Concrete Installation Process

When you hire specialists to pour your concrete, you’ll get the best results. We have extensive experience in the field and are adept at what we do. Every task will be completed fast and effectively, we promise. It’s simple to make a mistake and damage your home’s exterior when you pour your own cement. Let the cement be poured by our professionals to ensure accuracy.

Concrete Coating

This method improves the concrete’s surface and lessens its susceptibility to deterioration. You might try to do it yourself if you search online for DIY instructions, but this frequently causes more harm than benefit. Coatings should only be applied by qualified concrete contractors, saving you money on future maintenance.

What people frequently overlook when applying a coating is the fact that your exterior might deteriorate over time for reasons more than just exposure to the outdoors. Because of this, it’s critical to design a durable product that won’t require immediate repair or modification.

Need Concrete By The Backyard?

We’ll measure the space you need to fill in and estimate the amount of concrete you’ll need in square metres. We can supply more concrete if you require it. We also provide coloured concrete that you may use to customise the look of your yard. We are a neighbourhood business in Nelson that caters to both residential and business clients. In order to offer prompt yet excellent service to all of our clients, our team of specialists will show up on time with trucks, sand, and cement.

Does Stamping Concrete Weaken It?

If the surface has at least 30 days to dry before use, concrete stamping won’t degrade a concrete slab. A stamped concrete patio’s lifespan is influenced by the calibre of the materials and the precision with which it was poured. If you had a stamped Nelson concrete patio put in the past and now discover that it is slick to walk on, this was probably done improperly during installation.

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